Bed bugs are back! Effectively, those bugs have made a strong comeback everywhere.  Almost all the big cities of the world now grapple with this reality.  Unfortunately, for most of us; prevention and detection are not reflexes.  Good news: It is possible to restrain propagation! We are expert in detecting them! 

What is prevention? : Acting before a problem appears or aggravates 

PK-9 is not an extermination company nor are we selling pesticides or treatment.  In case of needs, we will be glad to assist you and give you references for a bed bug exterminator.  We are working close-by with more than 15 parasites management companies throughout Québec.  If you are one of those companies, do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with a problematic or redundant situation.


over 40% of the population will never react to bed bugs stings?

Residential services(5 apartments or less)

  • One of your family members has an unexplained skin rash?
  • You suspect that bed bugs are hidden somewhere? 
  • You notice red or brown spots on your sheets?
  • You want to have a peaceful sleep by knowing your problem is definitely solved?
  • You want to diagnose and be able to quickly and efficiently avoid a spreading?

« The most effective complementary tool of the industry to reduce costs and prevent bed bugs problem. »

PK-9 bed bugs detection services are for your every needs, therefore, we are pleased to say that all types of environment or enterprises can be inspected by our professionals.  Example of different type of environment : Bed & Breakfasts; planes; boats; libraries; offices; summer or sports camps; daycare centers; health services centers; medical clinics; colleges; schools, hospitals, multiplex, motels, hotels, restaurants, golden age retreat homes; theaters).  Everywhere there are people; bed bugs can be there as well!

Detection Dogs works efficiently and quickly, our inspection dogs are cautious in inspecting all the rooms of your home without disturbing anything. No special preparation is needed.

PK-9 detection dogs are especially trained to detect living bed bugs, wherever they are in your home!

Contact our residential service at

 450 712-8911


When the problem is recent (within 1 ½ month) the amount of bed bugs can be relatively low.  This makes it very unlikely for a human eye to see one of the insect or to suspect any sign…

Commercial services (5 appartments or more)

What  you want :

  • Prevent this problem before having to invest a large sum of money in extermination?
  • Preserve company’s reputation and image?
  • Save time and money by avoiding your employees daily inspections?  Detection dogs has a 95% efficiency compared to 35% for a human.
  • Maintain your establishment from this stinging parasite?
  • A discreet and efficient service assured?
  • You want a proven ecological and preventive method?
  • Results that will help you guide your extermination team where the specific spots indicated by our dogs?  Therefore, significant savings!
    • Obtain a certificate of compliance on the healthiness of your establishment?

Call us now and speak with our commercial representative in Montréal at

514 654-8911

You will be assured of a reliable, polite and affordable service!


Why a detection dog is so efficient?

Man’s best friend at your service!

Dogs are among the animals which have the most developed sense of smell. The biggest strength of the sense of smell of the dog is in its capacity to isolate (to discriminate) between a particular smell (as weak as 1 part by trillion) and it is true in the presence of diverse smells even in strong concentration. This sense allows them not only to detect the presence of the target smell but besides determining the place where it is

The dog is an effective and reliable detector of smell which exceeds very often the highest  technologies invented by the man. It is ecological and less expensive than the repetitive use of chemicals.

Why choose PK-9 dogs?

PK-9 detection dogs for bed bugs are effective and they are recognized to be relentlessly detectors by our faithful clientele with more than 23 000 units inspected.  Besides the numerous hours of training, hours made in inspection, our dogs receive a daily training; therefore they are in touch with the bed bugs every day. As the bed bugs have a particular smell, they are located easily, quickly and effectively by our detection dogs.

Rate of success for a unit diagnostic: 99.5%

PK-9 inspection dogs are far quicker than a human.  Within one hour, a dog can inspect:

  • More or less 30 rooms in a hotel, hospital or studio 1 ½ (ex.: elderly residence) or;
  • 16 to 22 3 ½ – 4 ½ apt or;
  • 3000 to 4000 sq ft offices spaces

To make these tasks 25 persons would be required for the same deadline and with only a rate of 35% efficiency.  Those results are by far lower than the ones generated by the intuition of our PK-9 detection dogs.

When we arrive on the job, the PK-9 team are always there with two dogs to do the inspection.  Residential customers always benefit a double verification.  For the commercial sector, dogs are used in alternation to insure, at all times, a dog in optimal condition as well as for a second opinion during positive indications or for all other circumstances.

PK-9 dogs are in excellent relation with their dog trainer because they are respected in their discipline, their need of rest, their entertainment and their spare time. Above all, the dog is a faithful companion and if well treated, he will be your best servant. So, during hot weather the dog needs to re-moisten its truffle every 20-25 minutes.  He also has to benefit from a break time as well as fresh water. The canine teams have at their disposal an air-conditioned vehicle where they can cool down when needed. Thus, our customers pay and obtain an optimized service with alternate dogs. Competitors with a single dog have to have breaks after every working session of 20-25 minutes.


Prevention is the best way to avoid bed bugs infestation.  There are numerous Web sites that are given precious step by step information to reduce the risk.  Therefore, when an inspection is done by a detection dog, you have the confirmation right on the spot if your environment is safe or if it isn’t, you will get precise information on where the bed bugs are located.

Prevention is an efficient way of reducing the curse of bed bugs already too much wide-spread around the world.  The first action of PK-9 is to prevent bed bugs by detecting them with our dogs.

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