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Bed bug detection dogs for Quebec and Eastern Ontario


Bed bugs are back! Effectively, those bugs have made a strong comeback everywhere. Almost all the big cities of the world now grapple with this reality. Unfortunately, for most of us; prevention and detection are not reflexes. Good news: It is possible to restrain propagation! We are expert in detecting them!

What is prevention? Acting before a problem appears or aggravates.


PK-9 provides residential and commercial bed bug inspection and detection services throughout Quebec and Eastern Ontario. Contact one of our representatives without delay and we will be happy to serve you.

When a bed bug presence is confirmed, we can refer you to traditional extermination services or ecologic heat treatments. We regularly work with more than 15 pest management companies throughout Quebec. If you are a bed bug exterminator, do not hesitate to contact us to help in problematic cases. If need be, we will be glad to assist you and give you references for a bed bug exterminator to help you with any problems.

  • Someone in the family has an unexplained skin rash?
  • You suspect that bed bugs are hidden somewhere?
  • You notice red or brown spots on your sheets?
  • You want to have a peaceful sleep knowing your problem is definitely solved?
  • You need a diagnosis to avoid any spreading?

PK-9 bed bugs detection services all types of environments and businesses, and premises can be inspected by our professionals. Our clients have included : Bed & breakfasts; libraries; offices; summer or sports camps; daycare centers; health services centers; medical clinics; colleges; schools, hospitals, multiplex, motels, hotels, restaurants, aged homes; movie theatres; planes and boats). Where there are people, there could be bed bugs!

Detection dogs work efficiently and quickly; our dogs are cautious in inspecting all the rooms of a premises without disturbing anything. No special preparation is needed.

PK-9 Detection Dogs are especially trained to detect living bed bugs, wherever they might be hiding!

Did you know . . . that over 45% of people will never react to a bed bug bite?
In the early stages of an infestation (within 1 ½ months) the amount of bed bugs can be relatively low. At this point it is hard for the human eye to see any signs or for a person to suspect a problem . . .
  • Need to prevent a problem before having to invest a large sum of money in extermination?
  • Preserve your company’s reputation and image?
  • Save time and money by avoiding your employees daily inspections? We have a 95% detection efficiency compared to 35% for a human.
  • Maintain your establishment to ensure no infestations occur?
  • A discreet and efficient service is assured.
  • You need an ecological and proven preventive method?
  • Need help with guiding your extermination team to specific areas indicated by our dogs?
  • Need a certificate of compliance for your establishment?
Why is a detection dog so efficient?

Man’s best friend at your service!

Dogs have a very developed sense of smell, and are able to isolate (to discriminate) particular odors (as weak as 1 part by trillion) from others. This sense allows them not only to detect the presence of a target odor but also to determine exactly where it is located.

The dog is an effective and reliable detector of smell which exceeds very often the highest technologies invented by man. Dogs are also ecological and less expensive than the repetitive use of chemicals.

Why choose PK-9 dogs?

PK-9 Detection Dogs for bed bugs are recognized to be relentless detectors by our faithful clientele, with more than 23 000 units inspected and counting. Besides the numerous hours of training, hours made in inspection, our dogs receive additional daily training; ensuring they are in touch with bed bugs every day. As the bed bugs have a particular smell, they are easily located, quickly and effectively, by our detection dogs.

Rate of success for a unit diagnostic: 95%

PK-9 inspection dogs are far quicker than a human. Within one hour, a dog can inspect:

  • 30 rooms plus in a hotel, hospital or studio or;
  • 16 to 22, 3 ½ – 4 ½ apartments, or;
  • 3000 to 4000 sq ft office spaces

It would take about 25 people to achieve these same results, with an efficiency rate of just 35%.

The PK-9 team routinely have two dogs to do an inspection. Residential customers always benefit from this double verification. For commercial sectors, our dogs are used in alternation to ensure each dog discreetly inspects the premises. The second dog is brought in to verify positive findings.


Prevention is the best way to avoid bed bugs infestations. When an inspection is completed by a detection dog, clients get immediate confirmation if their premises are clear, or precise information on locations of bed bugs should they be found.

Prevention is always better than the cure. Our PK-9 Detection Dogs ensure you rest with peace of mind.